Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kitty Jail

We had to break our cat Champ out of Kitty Jail yesterday.........50 dollars later! But, I was really worried when he didn't come home Sunday night. He is my little buddy, following me everywhere I go. Even the million of bathroom runs in the middle of the night, he comes with. So, yesterday I looked EVERYWHERE for him! On a whim, after picking David up from school we stopped at the pound. The minute we walked into the cat room he started crying for us! David so devastated to see him in jail and cried until we got him out, my sweet hearted boy. He has such a tender heart. If I am watching one of my SVU's or crime shows and it is sad he cries with me. I love him so much! Anyway, Champ is now home and much happier! As am I, to have my little shadow back!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching up again

Well, one baby later and lots of drugs seem to be helping me get by everyday. I am on a cocktail of meds so that I dont' have to get any IV's! WHICH SUCK! I just can't seem to not throw up, although I wish I was losing weight.......I know....I dont' know how that works! LOL I am enjoying my time at home, kinda. Jeff keeps telling me to just stay home, but I am not so sure yet. With David in school, I feel I need to be helping, and once the baby is here then I will stay home for a while, but.......right now, we will have to see what happens. There aren't any jobs to be found anyway! :) Jeff is staying busy though, with over 8000 miles these last two weeks. So we are VERY grateful for that! We have started on the baby room, it is almost painted and we are getting furniture this next month! Jeff was able to go to an ultrasound, and he loved it. He never got to see Nick's and it made the whole "baby growing in there" more real for him. He just KNOWS it is a girl.....I hope so, but like David says...my smart little six year old, "We will take both mom" :)