Friday, January 23, 2009

Catching up

Well, I haven't been on here forever so let me catch up. As of Friday, January 16th I am out of a job. Our terminal, where I did dispatching and accounts payable and such, is closing the 15th of Feb and so all of us office girls were done the 16th. Kinda a shock, was NOT expecting it, but far.....Riverton is keeping Jeff busy, which we are very thankful for! I am taking some days as I have STILL been sicker than a dog. This is all new to me, I wasn't sick with David.....I keep saying that in hopes I will STOP being sick with this baby, but no such luck!! We had a bleeding scare, which was nothing really and they took a "baby pic" as David calls it. We aren't sure yet on one or two. My uterus is HUGE, and since the dr was only checking to make sure it was all ok, he just wasn't sure. Only one baby shows up but with the uterus so big, we are taking another at my first appt on the 29th. Ya know, I don't get this dr. He waits until the women are almost done with their first trimester to see them. I do NOT like that, but he is the only one seeing patients. Davids dr isn't doing OB anymore, even though I BEGGED him to take me again! :)