Friday, November 21, 2008


Every time Jeff is home we love to feed Alex. I invited him when he isn't home but I think he is still scared to come over! lol. Of course, everyone loves Uncle Alex and so, much to his dismay, I took some pics! I thought I had the latest ones on the computer so I will add those pics later :)

Jeff and David

David loves Jeff-anything and everything Jeff does, David has to do. He no longer wants to wear pajamas cuz Jeff only wears his boxers, so now that is all he wears. I found them like this the other night when I came upstairs from working out. Jeff is an amazing dad~I am really blessed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Bailey, our huge red Golden Retriever LOVES to push his babies and balls UNDER things and then fight to get them out. He whines and cries and barks, until we get up and retrieve the thing under whatever he has put it. This time, I caught him on camera! It really is quite funny, and annoying!


I forgot to post Halloween! Shame on me! David went trick or treating with his best friend Kadin. It was the first year of his "whole entire life" that it wasn't cold or snowy! Karol and I actually were able to walk the streets with the boys. They made a haul! The good thing is, since we always have had a candy basket in the house, David isn't a big candy gorger! The bad thing is, I STILL love the candy! I wish he would eat it! :)