Monday, September 29, 2008

Uh oh

Ok, we had an eventful pet weekend. I decided I needed to de-stress on the pet situation. So, we found a lady that would love to have the birds AND the hamster "Peanut". Well, Jeff, Cori and I ran some errands and when we got back Peanut was in the massive jaws of Sammi, the toothless cat. I have NO idea how he got out of this cage or if Sammi got him out, but we had to put Peanut down. David wasn't that upset about it, but we will see how he is this week when it finally sinks in. Other than that, our house is pretty quiet without the birds, but the mess is MUCH better!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bestest friend

I thought I would put this pic up. Mindy has been there for me forever it seems. We have gotten into trouble and been both happy and sad together. And to top it off, she introduced me to my husband, who is the love of my life! It is nice that Eric and Jeff are so close so now Mindy and I can spend as much time together as we want! :)

The Kids

What is a blog without all the fun kid pictures?? Nick is back in Minnesota with his mom. We miss him so much! David started Kindergarten this year! I can't believe my baby is so big! Although he tells me he isn't a baby anymore! Corianna is staying with us this year and it is SO much fun having another girl around! She is in First grade and loving it! They are busy kids and love to play outside, on the trampoline, or in the back of Jeff's truck :)

Our Wedding

Our wedding was wonderful. After all the drama and stress it actually turned out very well. Everyone did such a wonderful job helping and setting up. It was so great. The day couldn't have been better!

Our "other" kids

These are our furry kids. Yes, we have a farm. But, Jeff and I love animals and our kids do too, so I am sure we will have many more to come in the years to come. So total we have the three dogs, two cats, two birds, a hamster that likes to escape and a huge fish tank. LOL, don't even say a word! :)

Field day

My friend Kendra and I went to the kid's field day yesterday. They had SO much fun! I wish it was still warm out, but they didn't seem to care! They both came home with lots of "gold" medals!

Hello Everyone.

Ok, if Mindy can do this, so can I. Well, here we are. September 25, 2008 and still kicking. David and Cori are loving school and actually getting up to go! This morning Cori had to wake ME up! I am SO not a morning person. Jeff is going on 21 days of on the road and we are missing him very much! We love our simple day to day routine and wouldn't change it for the world. Between soccer, cheer, day camps, school, work, and Sunshine Generation.......we are spent! :) Well, we are pretty boring but will keep everyone updated on our boring life! :)