Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ok, ok ;)

Yes, we are still alive. I have been called to repentence on my blog writting so here it is. As you all know already, we bought a house in Kinnear, WY. Just about 18 miles out of Riverton. We are country bumpkins now, and for the most part loving it. It is taking a getting use to, to being out of town again but it is fun to have some land and not worry about "city life" anymore. David loves his new school and Zach just turned 21 weeks. I can't believe he is that old already!!!!!!! I was reading Mindy and Eric's blogs and realized that I better put up some pictures of Zach since she already did. . .. I told her she should have put more then I wouldn't have had to but here are some.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Cute Pics

Bailey thinks he is a lap dog.......yet Jeff lets him lol

David and his two buddies in baby bibs lol

I have NO idea where this is or what we were doing lol

David LOVES playing with Jeff

My BTI glamour shot from last idea lol

David and my bra..............blackmail pics lol


Sleeping on Jeff's legs on the coffee table

On my lap.

Curled up against my belly ;)

Always with me when I was sick.

Champ is still my little shadow. But, when Jeff is home he is Jeff's. This cat cracks us up all the time. From running down the hall with my bra, to fetching his balls and bringing them back...he does it all. Here are some favorites.

David's Birthday! (Jan 6th!)

I know, way behind. But better late than never! :)

Getting the room ready

Painting the figures Building the furniture, Alex was there
but I didn't get him in a pic

My computer hates this site. And it is ALWAYS kicking me off. That is my biggest excuse for not every posting. It takes forever. But, I found these pics of the getting ready and putting things together for Zachary's room and had to post them.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alex Grad

We had family here this last weekend for Alex's Graduation! Yaa!!!!!! We are SO proud of him! Mindy came to play with me on Wednesday and we did a bunch of girl bonding and shopping and then Eric came down on Friday and Sherry and Lyle on Sat. Saturday we had a big BBQ with family and Alex's friends. It was so much fun. Mindy, Eric, Jeff and I got Alex a .22 for his present. I think he liked it! :)

Baby Room

Jeff and I have had so much fun doing our baby room. He has been a trooper too, as I change my mind where I want things and wall hangings and such! :)